I’m in China. And tomorrow is the 90 year celebration of the Communist Party in China. And I’m going to it. Betraying my country? ;)

Girls do not dress for boys. They dress for themselves, and of course, each other. If girls dressed for boys, they’d just walk around naked at all times.
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March of Dimes…

I got a huge, intimidating evelope from March of Dimes today… I thought it was going to be something cool and help me with some March of Dimes projects at school… Then I read the first paragraph.

"Thank you for your recent request for information from the March of Dimes. We are so saddened to learn of your loss and hope that the enclosed bereavement material will be of help to you and your family."

… I lost a baby? Was a pregnant and didn’t know?!

Oh… that’s right. I signed up on the March of Dimes website to recieve newsletters and ‘more information’. What I didn’t know was that this ‘more information’ was not fundraising ideas, but of how I can ‘deal with the death of [my] baby’ and ‘When [I] should try again’…

Well, the bright side is that I now know what causes birth defects, miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies, and fetal death.


So that Calc test I was stressing over about? The one I was studying at least two hours for every night since exactly a week ago? The one I ended up, every night, asleep on my textbook for? The one I started crying over my wrong homework answers?

66/70. Boo. Yeah. The Crazian knows her math.

I took the test, handed it in. And suddenly couldn’t wait to know what I got. I went back up to my teacher and asked him if he could grade my test right then. He laughed and said sure. I went back to my seat and watched him grade my test.

There were only seven problems on the test, each one worth ten points. I could tell that when he took a quick look at one of the problems and quickly scribbled something down, it meant I got a 10 :) But then for two problems he looked at it longer and wrote stuff down. Inside, I had a “FML” moment…

After he graded it all he montioned me up and showed me the epic score I got. He gave me a high five, explained the (quite stupid) mistakes I made and said “You’ve come a long way since the beginning of the year.”

Ahhh… today was a good day.

New Smart Goal

Specific- I, Monica Wang, will pass this Calculus test tomorrow. At all costs.

Measurable- I will get at least 63/70 on the test. I will Asian pass this test.

Attainable- I have been studying this chapter for several weeks straight now. I will pass this test.

Realistic- I am asian. 100%. I will pass this Calculus test.

Timely- Goal to be accomplished by the end of sixth period tomorrow. 1:35 p.m. sharp. By then, I will have passed my test.